By Dana Claudat

Designer & Feng Shui Masterh

May 8, 2019

Dana Claudat, feng shui master & mbg Collective member, takes traditional feng shui concepts and brings them into the modern world. Whether you’re new to the concept of feng shui, you dabble with the occasional clutter-clearing, or you’re a full-on feng shui devotee, this class is perfect for you. This class has everything you need to make simple shifts to supercharge your home’s energy & to transform your home into the home of your dreams. Click here to learn more about Dana’s class, The Feng Shui Home Makeover!

When it comes to fostering happiness, practices like meditation, yoga, exercise, healthy eating, energy healing, and, of course, doing more of what you love every day are certainly helpful. But did you know that your home can also help promote a more cheerful life?

The energy of your home affects you every day, all day. A home with less clutter and more organization can help you be less stressed and more in flow. Decorating with plants, trees, and nature can give you a feeling of being grounded and centered. The scent of your favorite cookies baking can shuttle you back to treasured memories of childhood. Something as simple as painting or accessorizing with your favorite colors can even give you a burst of energy. All these things help you see and feel and sense of delight without much effort at all.

When you’re immersed in a joyful space, it’s easy to revel in that joy. It’s everywhere you look.

If you need to lift up your spirits, revive your day, or get unstuck, these high-vibe space shifts all make for an easy refresh:

  1. Fluff things up.

Cushions, pillows, blankets, and bedding often get crumpled and smushed, but a simple fluff-up does two things: First, it makes everything look pretty and inviting. Second, and more apropos to our topic today, as you fluff things up, you shake out any stuck, stagnant energy and “wake up” the most comfortable parts of your home.

  1. Feed your plants.

Check to see how best to keep each one of your plants happy. When your plants are thriving, they serve as great mirrors of your thriving life!

  1. Wash your floors with natural cleaners.

A quick vacuum or sweep is great, but you should aim for a more thorough wash of all your floors and carpets every season. If you’re mopping your floors, add a pinch of sea salt to the mix with the intention of eliminating any lingering negative energy while bringing in more sparkle.

  1. Steam clean, steam clean, steam clean.

I could talk for hours about the joys of a steam cleaner! A multipurpose steam cleaning machine can deep-clean shower tiles that seem impossible to scrub, floors, windows, curtains, and just about anything else you can imagine. Energetically speaking, a clean home is a great thing, so I’d recommend one of these any day.

  1. Treat yourself to flowers.

Grab a handful of flowers once a week for a thoroughly fresh space at home: any kind of flower, anywhere you want to put them, any time of year.

  1. Make room to play with art supplies.

If you make space to make art, you change your space dramatically. Whatever your medium, the more you can practice at home, the better.

  1. Clear your crystals.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve forgotten to do this in the past. All of a sudden, my crystals suddenly feel…dull. If you have a crystal collection or wear jewelry with gems, they need a refresh every once in a while. Crystals conduct energy, and if they’ve been tired out or overly full of messaging, just like us, they lose bandwidth and cease to be their radiant, energetic selves. If you have a favorite method to clear your crystals (laying them outside in the full moon light, holding them in a stream of a sage or palo santo smoke, etc.), do it to revitalize them whenever they start to feel less sparkly.

  1. Add shine.

I often say that I’m at home wherever there’s a disco ball or some shiny gold. That’s my style. What is your favorite shine? Polished marble? Glitter? Crystal-clear glass? Chrome? Add enough of your favorite shine to the rooms you spend the most time in so that you feel that boost. It instantly lightens and brightens.

  1. Re-style your displays.

If you have a shelf that’s been filled with the same things for 10 years or a china cabinet collection that never changes, it might be time to switch things up and bring a whole new story into the space.

  1. Put positive words on display.

A mug with a favorite quote on it might seem cliché to some, but my teacup reminds me to “Do more of what you love” every morning, and that’s valuable! Add a cool affirmative word or phrase poster to your office space (mindbodygreen HQ has Peter Tunney’s “Gratitude” art on one huge wall!), your kitchen, your phone’s lock-screen—anywhere you look often is a wonderful reminder. And, of course, fill your days with good words that you think and speak often!

These simple shifts can add a dose of freshness to your space and build positive momentum to carry into your days. All that joy is magnetic. It brings you more of what you want with far more ease.

Want to learn how feng shui can help you create a high-vibe home and set powerful intentions to manifest your dreams? This is feng shui the modern way – no superstitions, all good vibes. Our feng shui master Dana Claudat will guide you every step of the way. Click here to learn more about this incredible class!

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